Bright Heart

Love horses? Love nature and being outside?  Support your well-being and embrace ‘Nurture in Nature’ with our Bright Heart experiences; personal development workshops; therapy & well-being; professional mentoring; retreat camp-overs and ceremonies, at the peaceful, rustic and welcoming Dove Retreat, in the Somerset countryside.

Bright Heart – Listening to Your Inner Voice

Workshop 1  Get Clarity with Choices

3 hours as part of a small group. An Opportunity to explore and develop personal growth. Come and expand your personal awareness, discover how to hear your inner voice and connect with your heart. Feel more connected to your situations, see choices more clearly and make more self-informed decisions. Relaxation and connection with your true Self reduces stress, so come and have an enriching time, filled with authentic experience, supported by the spiritual connection of ponies and nature. Working with the ponies, horses, and donkey will include time spent being: reflective; energetic; sensory and you will also have the opportunity to halter, lead and brush.

Workshop 2  Finding Your Direction

3 hours as part of a small group. When we take time to connect with our bodies, tune into our senses and pay attention to what we notice within, then we are feeling our true Self and what really matters to us. This gives us a better sense of what direction we feel that we’d like to go in. Horses can help us to connect with our body, they hold the space as heart-feeling companions and mirror what they pick up, offering back rich insights. This is their gift to us.  Working in Nature offers us the chance for a more enriching sensory, healing and spiritual experience. The ponies will help us to find direction and all experiences conclude with the ‘Journey over the Bridge’.

Bright Heart – Nurture Your Heart


 A) 1 hour Nature based Mindfulness with native ponies. Individuals and small groups of up to 4 people. Suited to the leisure and travel visitors who may be looking to have a relaxing, peaceful and authentic experience with horses in nature. Enjoy this precious time which will nurture your heart. Take part in nature based mindfulness practice, silence the mind and connect with your True Self, accompanied by the horses, ponies and donkey. Gentle sensory engagement with our four-legged friends promotes the wonderful heartfelt connection. Embrace and be nurtured by all that surrounds us in nature, in our tranquil countryside.

 B) 1.5hr  Insight and Healing for personal growth and development on a deeper level. Also extremely useful for professional energy workers and therapists. A reflective and more creative session working with the ponies for deeper personal connections and healing. For 3 – 4 people, please contact me to make a bespoke small group booking (same charges as workshops). This is to ensure the horses, ponies and donkey are offered the time and space that respects their wellbeing. Meditation in nature with the horses and ponies can be included for these bookings. Contact me for a chat to explore some options.

1.5hrs for 1 to 2 people. Numbers of 3 to 4 people will become a bespoke group booking, of  3 hours at Workshop charges.

Spending time in Nature is well documented to heal, soothe and restore. Being in the present moment (which is where horses function from) and spending time outside changes one’s state of mind from being depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calming and balanced, providing a respite for our overactive minds and refreshing us for new tasks. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, but also contributes to your physical wellbeing by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, as well as promoting the production of hormones associated with wellbeing and comfort. Spiritual wellbeing is developed through the connections made by time spent with horses in nature.

Spending time with horses gives us insight into our thoughts and feelings, this helps us connect with the truth in our hearts and expand our personal awareness. Discover how to hear your inner voice and connect with your heart. Feel more confident, see choices more clearly and make more self-informed decisions. Horses pick up on  subtle, hidden ways, and can demonstrate them in their own behaviour, like a window into our Soul. Meaningful connections with all that is around us can be made through meditation and mindfulness with the horses in nature which aids healing. Working with symbols in a creative way, borrowing themes from Native American rituals, and activities with the horses offers a profound way to develop personal insight and experience healing.

There is an authentic blend of therapy and wellbeing delivered in the time spent with us. I work with professional and ethical integrity to ensure all clients and day visitors are supported in a nurturing and safe environment.

Bright Heart Mentoring for Professional Energy Workers

 1 hour one to one sessions

Confidential and supportive mentoring for times of struggle or stuckness. Join me at the cosy Shepherd’s Hut surrounded by wildlife and held in the wisdom of nature, from April to October for one to one sessions. Other months are offered at my Studio. I am an experienced counsellor and qualified in 2006. I have a transpersonal supervisor and my current training supports the wellbeing of mind, body, spirit and free-flowing energy.  Since 2016  I have been developing my practice with training in Systemic Constellations and the therapeutic Wisdom of Nature. I work as an empathetic, non-judgmental listener, holding the space for self-exploration. I highly regard the individuals’ ways of practice and welcome and respect every practitioners own uniqueness. This is not training, it is precious time for Self-care, for deeper Self-understanding, building resilience and moving forwards with free-flowing energy.

Bright Heart – Equine Assisted Therapy and Wellbeing sessions 

1.5 hr sessions. 6 weekly sessions recommended. One on one, with myself and the ponies.

Start with an assessment to determine what you are looking for. Sessions are tailored to your requirements. Equine-Assisted Therapy is helpful when there is a sense of feeling stuck, struggling to cope and feeling down. We can explore past and current areas of your life, with the horses and with face to face counselling support. I combine the listening therapy in the quiet and private space of the shepherd hut with the outdoor sessions with the animals in the all-weather arena and field. This can help reduce the feeling of having to sit opposite someone for too long, and can really support and empower a client. Working with horses can be a catalyst for change. Horse are able to attune to people and reflect the emotions they sense, in their own behaviours. Past trauma is often held in the body, allowing it to be explored in a supportive and natural environment- working with horses is a well-researched way to bring about therapeutic benefits. This experiential therapy is specifically tailored for each client, as each individual has a unique background and brings different life experiences to the sessions. I have been practising as a qualified counsellor since 2006, and together with the horses we support and empower clients to move forwards with a greater sense of self-awareness and improved resilience. We also include Mindfulness, Meditation and activities with the ponies as a way to bring about change.

The focus on Wellbeing is really useful when change in the present day is sought, and can bring great improvement in self-esteem, confidence, improving communication, understanding our Selves, setting boundaries, learning meditation and relaxation skills. Wellbeing sessions are more activity-based with chosen themes to explore.

I am a registered LEAP practitioner in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (MBACP).

Bright Heart Camp-over

Retreat to Nature – off grid, escape to the wild wonder of  this nourishing rural retreat. Rest, Relax and Revive. Unwind with running cool water, fresh air, seasonal weather with animals and birds holding this soul reviving space. No electric or wifi, Private use, and no other visitors. Check out Retreat to Nature on facebook

Bright Heart Ceremonies

Independant Celebrant with a humanistic approach. Please look on other page.