About Us

Bright Heart at Dove Retreat

Bright Heart experiences for a joyful, empowering and healing opportunity to re-connect with the true essence of your Self, with horses in nature.

Claire Ryall

I qualified as a counsellor in 2006 and currently practice as a therapist in my Studio at home. My passion for ponies and horses started as a young girl living on the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. It was not until I was into my forties before I came back into the world of horses to embrace this passion to enjoy once again.

I started my professional interest in equine assisted therapy in 2014 after seeing American Miniature horses and donkeys going into hospices, and truly understanding the therapeutic value that they can have for people – I greatly desired to do something amazing like that too!

I completed the LEAP qualification in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy in 2016 and welcomed clients for Equine-assisted Therapy and Wellbeing. We are fortunate to live in rural Somerset and have amazing abundance of wildlife and beautiful countryside all around us. The healing benefits of nature soon became another golden thread in my personal journey and the weave of my business. In 2019 after a particularly amazing long weekend in Ireland for a conference in Psychotherapy in the Natural World, I felt so deeply moved by all that I had listened to and experienced myself, that I introduced Bright Heart wellbeing sessions, as single experience sessions rather than traditional weekly bookings for therapy. An experiential way of healing from within, from enjoying the tranquil countryside, taking joy from the companionship of these sentient equines and with the family of white doves which have taken up residence in the hay barn. There is such a magical and healing quality to these sessions, held by nature and all the creatures that share this space with us. These sessions are also ideal for visitors and tourists that are seeking special experiences that brighten the heart.

In 2020 we are going to be offering Bright Heart Campovers, 24hr overnight stays in a wagon that provides off-grid escapism. We manage careful discretion for those who want to duck out of the busy, all-knowing public scenes.  The perfect opportunity to let go of all that stress and pressure of day to day routine, a chance to unwind, relax and re-connect to your True Self. We look forwards to welcoming you to a blissful ‘retreat to nature’ experience.

The future beckons us with much excitement and there is a whisper in the trees that maybe we will be fortunate to be able to offer ‘Folk Love & Lore in Nature’. These will be Bright Heart Ceremonies for celebrations of love, life and memories.